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The Custom Attributes Section will provide a link to the particular room within the Facilities Planning and Scheduling Website. Here you will find capacity, pictures and a layout of the room, along with all of the available technology (screen, projector, lectern computer, etc).

A light purple calendar on the left hand side of the page will allow you to switch from month to month and day to day. Use the white arrow buttons on either side of the month and year to navigate from month to month. Click on the white dates to select a particular day. At the bottom of the purple calendar you will see several filter selections. These will allow you to narrow your classroom search. For example, if you want your event to be located on the Evansdale campus, select the “General Purpose Classrooms – Evansdale” filter.

You could also use the blue arrows above the room calendar to navigate from day to day.

Show Facility Calendar

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