Our Most Important Job is to Secure Your Data

While most traditional backup systems do a good job of archiving data, they do little to actually secure it. A ZIP cartridge, CD, DVD or tape can easily be misplaced or stolen. Once in the wrong hands, your confidential data is easily compromised.

Fortunately, the RBackup online backup service does not suffer from these shortcomings.

We secure your data through a combination of:

Data Encryption

Prior to leaving your PC, all of your valuable data is encrypted. By employing military-grade encryption technology, we make it virtually impossible for anybody to read your data - even if they were somehow able to physically intercept it. The data leaving your PC is completely protected at all times.

Our PC client software offers you the choice of multiple different encryption algorithms including DES, TDES (triple DES), AES 128, AES 192, AES 256 and Blowfish with a variable length key of up to 448 bits.

Each time the client software is installed, a random, unique encryption key is generated. This key is automatically loaded into the backup program and used to backup or restore your data from the offsite storage vault.

At installation time, you MUST record the value of this encryption key and store it in a safe place. You alone are responsible for securing and keeping your key private. As this key is completely random, RBackup personnel do not know your encryption key value. If for any reason you need to reinstall the backup client software to recover data, you will need this key.

Remember, your password is NOT your encryption key!

Without the encryption key, nobody can access your information - not even the employees of RBackup. This provides you with assurance that your data cannot be read by unauthorized personnel.

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Network Protection

The RBackup data vault is a network of purpose-built servers. Each server performs only one function - securing your data. Operating system software is mirrored on dual high-speed disk drives. Your encrypted data files are stored on a Raid-5 storage arrays equipped with hot standby disk drives, which automatically activated in the event of a hard disk failure. Critical system components - including the power supply - are all spared onsite.

Sophisticated network port blocking and packet filtering techniques are used to prevent unauthorized access to the server. All failed attempts to access the server are logged and reviewed by the system administrator. Remote administration of the server is performed using remote terminal software over an encrypted management link.

End users do NOT have an operating system account on the server and can perform no tasks other than backup and restoration of encrypted data files.

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Physical Security

RBackup servers are collocated in a carrier-grade data center facility. All equipment is secured in a locked cage.

Security guards on premise provide 24x7 access control to the collocation facility. All visitors to the facility must be pre-authorized and escorted by a registered system administrator. Cameras and other security features are used to supplement the onsite security personnel.

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